Sunday, 5 August 2012

Week In Pictures: Nails, Wine & Magazines ♥

1. I ♥ Converse 2. Mango Tango Crush from Boost Juice Bar yummy yummy in my tummy 3. Mint green glitter nails 4. Impress press on manicure that I am going to test out tomorrow and see how long they last! 5. Me and my friend went out last night and had toooo much wine! Her glass was so much posher than mine! 6. Rainy Sunday reading magazines :)


  1. New follower :)
    Great post, I love reading these kinds of posts!


  2. I really wanna try those impress nails- I've heard very good things.
    Great Blog hun, I love reading your stuff!!
    Sheree xx

  3. Nice post! Love the pics :)

  4. India-Robyn - Aw thank you! Following back :) x

    Sheree - Me too! I can't wait to give them a try will probably do a post about them once i've used them :) I love your blog too! x

    Huda - Thank you :) x

  5. love these posts! really want to try the impress nails! just followed your blog, its really lovely xx

  6. I can't wait to give them a try :) thank you will follow back! x

  7. i wanna try them impress nails ! a girl had em on at work n they looked well nice but didnt ask her how long they lasted lol let me know if there any good xxxx