Saturday, 21 July 2012

Top 5 Brushes ♥

Hello :) hope you're all having a nice weekend so far! I've just been shopping and bought WAY too much so I might do a haul in a couple of days showing what I got, but for now, seen as my make-up brushes are newly washed and fluffy i'm going to show you my five favourites!

Left to Right ♥

Calvin Klein Brush, Real Techniques Buffing Brush, MAC 187, Elf Blush Brush & MAC 168se
Calvin Klein Powder Brush
Ok so this brush hasn't got an actual name or a number like the others but I would say it's called a Powder Brush or a Large Powder Brush. It's absolutely AMAZING. I've had this brush for ages and I use it to apply my mineral powder to set my liquid foundation and I love it. It's huge and so soft and fluffy but not flimsy at all like some other powder brushes i've tried. I got this in a gift set so i'm not sure where you can get it in the shops but i'm sure you'd be able to find it online, I can't reccomend this enough!

Real Techniques Buffing Brush
It seems like everyone has this brush and with good reason, I love it! It buffs liquid foundation into the skin perfectly and makes your face look flawless. It's part of the Core Collection by YouTuber Make-up Artist Samantha Chapman and in that kit you get 4 brushes. They are all lovely but it's worth getting it just for this one. I got the Core Collection from Boots for £21.99 and honestly I would of paid that just for this one brush so if you're thinking of buying this set then I would say DO IT!

MAC 187 Duo Fibre Stippling Brush
This is another brush that I use for my liquid foundation, but it can also be nice for powder blushes too. Just like the above buffing brush it makes your skin look flawless. I alternate between the two of them so I had to include this one in my top 5 aswell! It's expensive for a brush especially now MAC have upped the price, I think it's somewhere around £30.00 (I got mine in the Airport a few years ago - Yay for Duty Free!) but if you're looking to invest in a good brush this one is great.

ELF Blush Brush
This is the only brush i've used for my blusher for about the last two years (apart from those little ones you get in the Benefit Box Powders) so that shows that I love it. The size is perfect for blusher and it's a total bargain at £3.75!

MAC 168se Mini Angled Contour Brush
I got this in a set last Christmas with other mini versions of some of MACs brushes and it's amazing! I love that it's angled so it's perfect for bronzing and contouring and even though it's mini I think it's the perfect size. You can get the regular size brush for £26.00, I think Elf do an angled brush too so that may be worth a try if the quality of the Elf Blush Brush is anything to go by.

Hope this post was helpful! Do you have any of these brushes? What are you top 5 make-up brushes?


  1. i want he buffing brush, now i used the f80 sigma.

  2. RT buffing brush is now my no1 brush for liquid foundation, i also love it for my MAC msf x

  3. Really need to try the Real Techniques buffing brush. I have the blush and stippling brushes and love them! Now following you :) xx

  4. ok im pretty jealous right now..I've been eyeing the MAC 187 brush for about a year.

    I love the Benefit make up brushes...only have 2 but there pretty amazing.

    Shannen Xx

  5. Nora - The buffing brush is fab :) x

    Pampered Pout - It's amazing isn't it?! I've never used it for my Mac msf as that's what I use the big fluffy brush for buy I might give it a try x

    Sophia - Thank you for following I will go and follow you now :) x

    Shannen - Haha it's so expensive for a make-up brush but definitely worth it if you want to splurge :) x

  6. like your blog!!
    keep posting and go for it!!


  7. I have the elf blush brush too(: I like to use it to set my undereyes with powder because I find that since it's pointed, it fits really nicely! xoxo

  8. I'm obsessed with the duo fibre, too! I use it for everything haha

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  9. Demi - Thanks :) x

    K - That's a good idea! x

    Lela - It's so good isn't it haha very expensive for a brush though x

  10. Love mac brushes! I love your blog! Definitely following now! Stay in touch and check out my new blog xx

  11. I love real techniques brushes! They're so affordable and such good quality! I really have to invest in some Mac brushes too! xx

  12. Christina - Aw thank you :) off to check off your blog! x

    Essie - Me too they are SOO good! x

  13. Real techniques brushes are the best - I can't believe it for the price either!

    great review!

  14. nice run through of those different brushes. I personally very rarely use brushes and I don't have any extensive knowledge in them :)
    would you like to follow each other?

  15. Your blog is super lovely and so pretty! This post was really helpful as well! I cant wait to see more posts from you

  16. Your blog is beautiful,i love the products from mac, really nice this post. I follow you if you want follow me and visit my blog,

  17. Thanks for the lovely comments :) off to have a nosy at all your blogs x

  18. I also have the Real Techniques brush and you're right, it is amazing - couldn't live without it now!